Thursday, September 29, 2005

Easy girls and hot topics

[As most of us know, all our EZLN, zapatista and Other Campaign translations are filed in our terribly proper Library, rather than in our properly improper Parlour.]

In addition to my regular notation of above, I really must encourage intrepid souls to not ignore our Comments. Who would have thought that such a minor aside – and that only in initials – about an overly prolific author of note would set off such a stream of lovely thoughts.

I wonder what might happen if I were to casually mention that the only Eco I ever enjoyed was Foucault’s Pendulum, semiotics be damned. Or what I think should be done with Derrida.

Actually this might be a good topic for our first issue of YO! Basta. A list of all those must-have, rarely read, often carried, tomes which are useful only for establishing one’s street cred amongst like-minded boys or for getting lucky with earnest, fetchingly na├»ve, undergraduate girls.

Unless, of course, the girls in question happen to be salonistas, in which case they would gently shoo the Wittgenstein carrying boor out the door and wait for the one bearing Wordsworth. Whilst penning something sensible themselves.

And murmuring “God, for a man who solicits insurance,” as I so often do. Along with most of the other lines from Dorothy Parker’s perfect Bohemia [“Authors and actors and artists and such/never say nothing and never say much” and the one preceding the insurance quote: “People who do things exceed my endurance,”].

No corrections, googling fools, as I’m doing these lines from Memory.

YO! Basta shall also require an I Spy column, of course [and, ooh, maybe we should loop around as well, reporting not only the gossip, but also the spies espying the Glorious Ones], and I suppose I might do that one, but with a suitable nom de tattler.

And definitely lots of Top 10 lists, no? Best-dressed, Up and Coming, Hottest, and so very forth. This is definitely going to be the easiest section. Special reports on Baby Blingsters and Second Generation Trust Fund Limousine Liberals.

There would have been more this eve [and there shall be tomorrow], but I had a brief interruption with a girlfriend, a bottle of very mediocre merlot and lots of important chat about the pros and cons of waterproof mascara, the comparative virtues of flats in BCN, Budapest and Krakow and what we would do with Derrida, given half a chance.


Spark said...

Heh heh. How embarrassed? And not even drunk or stoned! I had no idea that when you posted anonymously you gave up the right to delete autonomously.

Oh well, publish and be damned

Easy girls indeed. Where on earth are they when you need em? On the other side of the pond of course, such is the pathos of life

Krakow or Budapest. hmm, sounds like a good alternative choice, and I bet the rents are much cheaper there than in BCN. Sounds interesting

And the Dorothy Parker line made me laugh out loud.

Changing gear: on semiotics, isn't one important thing to see that we have the power to change the way words are used and what they represent to people,and to use that power wisely?

For example "woman" changed its power thanks to Feminism. "Black" through Civil Rights movement. Sounds obvious? But what about "goods" as in consumer "Goods" [so many of which are patently bad] or, "developed" as in "Britain is a developed country" [yeah, right], or "Art" as in something only Artists do. Trust me, the list is long.

I read somewhere once that it is those with real political and spiritual power in history that control the way people think through their understanding of language.

That's why I like:


BIG Boycott Imaginary Goods
BUST Boycott US Trappings
UP Universal Policies*

*As in, let's uncover them

Ok, enough from this chronic overposter!

Have a good day y'all

TripleJ said...

Spark, goods are an easy problem to solve, and a very hard one as well.

The easy solution is thus:

1) Make the consumers realise they are a significant power group

2) Organise them in groups (Consumer unions - like trade unions): The sausage eaters union, the cabbage eaters union, the pipe smokers union etc...

3) Use synchronism to disrupt the status quo

For instance, and I'm only relying on my memory here, but in the 1960's housewives in New-York got so thoroughly pissed-off at the price of meat that they boycotted butchers, some butchers went bankrupt, some meat producers suffered, as did the abattoirs employees, and the price of meat eventually dropped back to more sensible levels.

I was thinking about doing the same in Melbourne at one stage for the public transport. The railways union's behaviour at the time was outrageous, the price of fares was skyrocketing, and I thought that if everyone stopped using the suburban rail system for a couple of months, a lot of trouble makers would get the sack.

The trouble is I suffer from the Groucho Marx's syndrome, I could never belong to a club that would lower its standards enough to let me in, not even one of my own making :^)

And herein lies the difficulty, how to organise people who don't want to be organised? Never ever did solve that little wee problem. But then I come from a country which is proud to boast the highest number of political parties (and wines, and cheeses...), over 50 million at the last census, one per inhabitant to be exact. Yes I admit it, I'm French :^) so I think it's either genetic or a definite racial trait. I'm the ultimate anarchist, I only belong to myself.

TripleJ said...

I recommend to all francophones the song by Jean-Jacques Goldman "Les filles faciles" (Easy girls).

A song dedicated to all those he met along the way in way of thanking them.


Anonymous said...
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Wandered, then

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