Saturday, September 03, 2005

Dura, amarga y pesa

[The EZLN and zapatista translations are still securely tucked into the Library. And just to demonstrate that I am not currently doing Bank Holidays, there is another new one this evening. For your pleasure. Always.]

I know I should be writing about New Orleans, but since I’ve already let slip where I’m currently located, it might be obvious that I’m inundated with the images and words for 18 hours of my day. And the other six they find their way, some way, into my dreams.

And since I so despise the stating of the obvious, and everything about this horror is so eminently obvious, what does it leave?

That it’s the stuff of levée en masse, perhaps? Not just in New Orleans, not hardly in New Orleans, not with that level of horror and destruction. No, it’s the images and sudden outbursts of truth and outrage in the media that could shock the masses into paying attention, if even for a moment.

Just to see Anderson Cooper, for god’s sake, berating and pounding the idiot blonde simpering senator into the ground – yes, I know, just a momentary lapse of good sense. She was picked up the next hour by CNN’s own simpering blonde sycophant for a little kiss and make up/out session.


The mayor is brilliant, in every possible way, and that’s all.

The death toll will probably be several times higher than at the WTC, but the dead don’t speak and this nation’s deep underclass will never matter the tiniest whit to any single one of those persons whose business it is to rape or to those in the media whose business it is to bend over and take it with a rueful, or perky, grin.

I was correct, I should not have addressed the subject, not here.

Tomorrow back to the business at hand, perchance a little chat about the conjunction of love letters with well-crafted agitprop.


Anonymous said...

Damn, missed Anderson's reaming. Just now checked the telly and, predictably, there was Fox News making sure we all understand it's not about Democrat or Republican leadership, blah blah blah. Why do people listen to them? Truly, truly, I do not understand how this is not so obviously wrong to all of us.

Which leads to the greater question: why do we (using the "we" in the general sense, but I am writing from the US, where the people seem to sleep even deeper than the rest of the world) only want to be comforted rather than understand and live in truth?

Why is "truth" so often a matter of what's most convenient?

Irl, as for the other business you've recently experienced here in the land of sun and detachment: I know exactly of what you speak. For me, however, the landscape does provide a solace (though if you are indeed living in an urban beach environment, that does present some challenges -- other than, of course, the luminious ocean). Especially if one departs for the uninhabited, wild parts (of which there are many). Still, one must deal with the sameness of the people. There are, of course, exceptions.


Spark said...

Dear Anonymous

I think that if a properly funded/organised political movement expressed the truth, with policies to match, without hyperbole, without resorting to cheap shots at individuals who don't know any better, then the vast mass of people, currently stuck because there is no choice except bewteen two or more parties that say more or less the same thing, of which most is lies/spin, would respond with great support.

Maybe I am speaking more about possibilities here in Europe, but the ramifications of such a movement would be felt in the US, and possibly all over the world.

But your geneal point is well taken - even though being comforted instead of understandin the truth is a false economy - it comes back to haunt one in the end - it is a fact that is what people do. Perhaps only good leadership can change that, whether from civil society/grassroots activists, artists, religious and/or political leaders. Unfortunately our current crop of leaders continue to support more or less the status quo.

But this will not do. When a system is based on consumption of world/each other etc in order to feed the self, when truth is that happiness/fulfilment and meaning come from allowing self to be consumed so as to feed the world we find ourselves with a world needing turning upside. Religionists see this quite clearly and that is why they paint western civ in such a negative light: narrow self interest = capitalism = anathema to good religion.

Terrorism, in the absence of any other obvious/effective channels for grievances to be redressed = logical result.

Well I am tired this week and now I have to go to Parliament Square for our Sunday event. Just wanted to say before I go: Irl, for some reason this fact you have revealed makes me feel even more weary: you are so very very far away! [Sigh, and a big smile]

Will go away now and look forward to returning to this oasis.

Thanks again all

penguinrocket said...

Levée, indeed.

I am trying to keep some kind of record here.