Friday, September 23, 2005

Details - some serious, some so very not

[As they now do, all the EZLN, zapatista and Other Campaign translations can be found in our Library].

Mostly serious business this evening, but just for this evening, most especially since the weekend is upon us.

I was able to clarify a few points, and answer a few questions I’ve received, about current and future mechanics of the Other Campaign.

First, next week we will be getting the redacted proposals that were presented during the Preparation Meetings and Plenary. I will be translating those rather than the summaries. These are the proposals, objections and additions to the Other Campaign which are to be decided upon by current [as of the 11th of September] supporters.

As for those who still wish to sign on, yes, as I said. You can still go to Revista Rebeldía and register your support, either via email or webpage. I also still have a post up here [RSVPs, if you wish to scroll down endlessly] which provides a direct link to the email page. The only difference - since the Other Campaign was formally handed over at the Plenary to the entirety of those subscribing organizations and individuals – is that the mechanism for formally incorporating new supporters will have to be decided by the Other Campaign.

Not to worry, just sign on. Luckily for us, we can let Others attend to the vexing administrative details.

Now, as for the Internationals amongst us. Suggestions, broad strokes, maps and such, shall probably be emerging in October and November. But I have a suggestion, and listen up, Spark.

The entire point of the Other Campaign is to dream up, devise and give life to a linking up of efforts and rebellions, nationally and, I shall presume, internationally.

There is an inviting little invitation on the Revista Rebeldía Other Campaign page, asking for comments on the Plenary. Well, sigh, there was. It seems to be down. Nonetheless, I see no reason why any international organization and/or individual should hesitate to send comments, reports, broad strokes, suggestions, and so forth, on anything they might find relevant, to the Other Campaign.

For the time being, one could post these whilst signing on to the Sexta [see above], as many others have. Eventually I suppose there will be a more formal way of reaching the Other Campaign.

Oh, hell, I can only take so much in the way of necessary, yet tedious, administrative detail.

Obligatory Friday Evening Silly, Yet Mildly Titillating, Tidbit:

Has anyone else out there found their mailbox filling up with a breathless little article in an “Hola”-type - People, Hello, etcetera for other nation states - rag, with a friend of ours on the cover, revealing, breathlessly [and, yes, I am belaboring a previous reference of mine wherein I gave our readers one of my much too subtle heads-ups], said friend’s amatory life?

Since none of the news was new, except for the parts that were false, the part that caught my eye and sent me into torrents of much needed giggles, was the fact that one of the primary sources for the “news” was CISEN. And it only took them 8, oops 5, years to gather this “intelligence.”


Anonymous said...


Oh yes, I certainly enjoyed that breathless "scoop."

And still laughing...

Anonymous said...

It is awkward to see that almost none of the mainstream media reports on the sexta, but many report on Marcos' lovelife. So, normally I'm not interested in this, but I'm thinking that Marcos and Gloria are not involved in a relationship. Is this true? I alway thought his wife was Mariana. Well... Who cares anyway...

Anonymous said...

The gossip about him never ends, but no I have not seen any "scoop."

Irl, if you have a link to the article, oop's err, "scoop." I am always up for a good giggle...(I need a good giggle!)

Here's hoping everyone in whatever city, town unincorporated area or 'spot' you are in, everyone hit's the streets in protest. It's inspiring when other countries call for protest in solidarity against the BROWN SHIRT REGIME in the US!



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry but the link brings up the utexas economic dept. and nothing on Chiapas or the mention of something worthy of giggles......if someone has a link that works, I will check it out



TripleJ said...

It's Harry's archives. Try This Link

Comrada B said...

Just got in from our little protest against the war in iraq, here. We marched from a nearby park...all 420 of us(which included six peace pets,) as I did the count down to the local military recruiting office. Unbelievable how ugly the recruiter who came outside to exchange words to one of us got...but then someone made sure to cam the experience. All in all, not nearly as bad as the election one shot at and the police even blocked a lane of busy road to let us march there. Some hate monger/ peace hater turned into a street that was blocked off by police so there would be no through traffic and the guy in the little truck nearly hit four people. When the police were called over...they laughed and let the guy go for nearly plowing down pedestrians. Hmmmm...if that were one of us, we surely would have been arrested for wreckless driving, an indigenous woman eloquently pointed out.

triplej...thank you so much for the link, that was too sweet...and more later, as the intense heat makes a siesta necessary,

Fuertes Abrazos,


irlandesa said...

Yes, mil gracias to triplej - I was going to suggest googling the parties in question, but I'm skating on thinner than usual ice as it is here.

And I'm told the march in LA today was even better than usual, the one in DC had 100,000...

TripleJ said...

The marches are impressive, but why did you elect the moron and his corrupt, thieving sidekick in the first place? :^)

Surely everyone could see plainly he was a complete dipstick!

And now the National Enquirer is saying he's fallen off the wagon again. Not that I would necessarily believe what NE has to say :^)

Comrada B said...

Let me guess, Qien rag...err mag is the equivalent of People rag, hmmm, sorry 'mag?' Yep, thats what I thought, a bunch of poopoo. Steaming hot and ready to be served up.

If some recall, I posted in here a while back about the validity of news from AP. Their callousness could withstand a metal grinder. Yet again, it appears AP has forgotten to check the sources of someone else's, in this case Quien so called news, before jumping on the band wagon.

I got a hearty giggle, til I came upon 'rag tag band of indians.' The nerve. Then again, in the media keyboard commandos are as plentiful as dust and you can set a clock to it's foul return. Take it from Ms B: the less some know about another, the more the rumors abound. What a fruitful harvest the immagination yeilds.

TripleJ, you are not the first Australian or 'other' from a different country, to ask precisely that question. Here we go again with that media thingy (sigh) I truely believe it is that they don't want some little details about the election here, making keystroke.

For instance, when the proposal to use electronic voting machines, which has had widespread use in many parts of the world for years, but fairly new to the US, our so called media tried reporting that the software for this was not 'printer friendly.' That a relatively unknown topic of propriatorship concerneing said software, meant in simple terms, (for us simple people err, I mean the simple minded) that they could not print out to paper any so called results of ballots cast therein. Many argued openly this stuptifyingly unquantifiable so called fact about being able to print out the results in the event anyone would question this noble regime' integrity. Mainly, because the same machines and software have been used, let's say in Europe for example, for many years and anytime there was a question about the accuracy of the results of a said election there...,tah-da! it could easily be printed out and counted. I am not certain TripleJ, whether or not the following arguemments ever reached the rest of the world (as we are relying on the truth from the media corporate beast here) but this same question about actually voting into office this particular pretzeldent has been asked many times.

When propriatorship was challenged as not being viable reason not to be able to print out the results, script kiddies everywhere said Excel software, the easiest to count with and user/printer friendly could have, in fact counted the vote. Then, instead of countering that arguement by illustrating that Excel could not perform this duty, the illustrious (ad nauseum) powers that be came back with "we have software that cannot be hacked and that is why it is so difficult to print out." So then, both sides set out to prove/disprove this software was able/not able to be hacked. The results were it was hackable, but from a little known pre-programed chip that was part of this so-called unhackable software. Now how the hell did we go in questioning the authenticty of this so called election from not being printer friendly to hackable? Beats the Hades out of me. The script kiddies actually allowed the dark side, wiggle room for debate. When they pointed out in actual demonstration that in fact the software was hackable, the dark side, err, powers that be countered they can replace the software with provably unhackable software.

Just one minor detail though. The empire thought the script kiddies weren't really paying attention to the fact that when the darth wannabe's changed out this software to put in absolutely without a doubt unhackable software, the same "pre-programed chip" was never changed out or exchanged for a new one with replaced software. The script kiddies were not amused.

Many here know the truth of these chips. Tax payers paid dearly for all of this. Many still question exactly how much Diebold was paid for the scam. Many billions taken by the dark side empire are still completely unaccounted for...not JUST the 9 billion MIA in Iraq. Many are paying with their live's for the outright corruption here, some with their careers depending on how noisy they get with the (deja nauseum) powers that be. Then, in a startling turnabout to honesty and fair play the Empire overlords announced that an abscure judge in a small county seat (somewhere) had made in an eleventh hour ruling that the hand counting of the votes would be stopped. If the validity of the actual count and actual results had been allowed to be fully accounted for (nothing in this country seems to be held accountable to much of anything,) the next issue at hand would have been close scrutiny of those "pre-programed chips." The Empire had to stop the snowball before it became an avalanche. Realists still wonder how badly the pretzeldent did lose the election.

What did W.C Fields say about a sucker? What W.C. said is exactly what this Empire banks on (and may be a motto of this regime.)
We know banks cannot be trusted either.

With arched eyebrow in consternation over it all but by no means bewildered or fearful,