Friday, September 16, 2005


Tea Sandwiches
Asparagus & Orange Butter
Curried Chicken
Cucumber & Onion
Cakes & Tarts
Madeira Cake
Banbury Tarts
Strawberry Tartlets
Scones & Crumpets
With Devonshire Cream, Raspberry Jam
and Lemon Curd


Spark said...

Well, hello all.. my gosh what a perfect spread!

Birthday: My evening at the Police Station [under suspicion of committing a criminal offence under the Serious and Organised Crime Police Act 2005] ended in disappointment, but perhaps not without a silver lining. I am now on bail til the 9th November, while the CPS considers my case, with no news of a charge as yet; but also with one dastardly condition: I must not enter the 'Exclusion Zone' [ie. a 1 km area around Parliament] in the meantime. Bastardos!

As the more astute among you will know, this makes my attendance at our weekly Revolutionary Tea Party in the Square problematic at best, hazardous at worst.

If I am arrested again I face remand, further persecution and/or prosecution. This would mean possibly being banged up for the forseeable.

Not what one might call a good use of time?

Upon consideration: am decided to leave this God forsaken country at the next opportune moment until further notice/aforesaid bail date in order to find my muse.

"Just show up", she says...

Yours, Spark

TripleJ said...

Damn! There goes my diet! I just read the menu and I want it all :^)