Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Just the swiftest of notes to let you know that I shan't be posting this evening, since I am diligently at work on a translation for us, and what can I say? Well, I shall say that it is charming, incisive and thoughtful, and you will not be disapppointed.

I shall have it done on the morrow, since it requires thoughtfulness, care and precision.

And, since I'm here, a word about our Tea Party.

I shall continue to toss out the odd provocative topic this week, discreetly, of course, for our pleasure. As well as more details on menu and flirting protocol. Speaking of which, where has Spark gone off to?! His absence has been hard to bear.

So, tomorrow, lovely words to come and further preparations for own Event.


Anonymous said...
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TripleJ said...

I wonder if this anonymous cretin above thought "Billet-doux" was a starter in the 6th :^)

Anonymous said...

My goodness Irlandesa,I didn't realize there was so much involved in organizing an event.Now I'll have to go and search for my long lost top hat.:)

Spark said...


I'm here! :)

Well I never - I just posted a couple of comments further down the scroll [I tend to read through backwards to catch up] before I realised that lo and behold! I'd been mentioned here at the top. Lovely

Thanks for sharing that you miss me, it is always nice to know that one is appreciated. To be honest though I am finding it hard to keep up with all that is happening right now - both on the streets and the web, +I have recently had some cyber problems/gremlins myself - they wiped a nice post of mine t'other day. Well I only hope the gremlins read the words I had written

Irl I am looking forward to the Tea Party on Friday. It is a beautiful coincidence - read the small posts I just made below and you will see why. Tis a special day, not just for Mexico, but also for little old me.

So, Darling People of the Parlour, thanks in advance for the party!

I will call in during the day if I can, but also as soon as I get a moment after I leave the cop shop in the evening.

I will, of course, be on my very best behaviour. Let's all have a lovely time

Y Viva Barcelona!