Saturday, September 17, 2005

Almost bedtime

[The EZLN and other zapatista translations are in the Library. And do scroll down for all the posts and scintillating comments from today's Tea Party].

My goodness, I'm exhausted.

Such fun, the entire day, and thank everyone so very, very much for dropping by. And for being so charming. Although I knew you would be. I'm rather sure the ones who might not have been so have already been bored witless by the Parlour and gone elsewhere to play.

I wanted to let you know that there will continue to be live broadcasts of the Plenary proceedings through tomorrow, and Sunday if it goes on that long. And, if I were a wagering person and had any spare cash, I would venture that it shall indeed last that long. Once again, go to Revista Rebeldía or directly to the functional little room they've set aside for the broadcasts.

The work starts at 9:30 AM, Central Daylight Time, and it should be rather lively. I'll be looking for transcriptions and such, so I imagine I'll be immersed in that. But I shall, of course and always, be checking in here.

Until then, cheers and besos.


Spark said...

Hope you have all had some lovely rest and Irl thanks SO for a beautiful Party. Lots to do for our Party tomorrow, even though I probably shan't be attending, at least not without disguise.

Looking forward to more top class comments on various bottomclass ones, not to mention a sense of where in the world I might find you in coming weeks.

And to the next Party!

Love and Appreciation
PS on second thoughts, am not about to abandon ship just yet - there is too much mischief to be had here. But will head west soon, for a short visit to help my beloved Aunt in Vancouver open her very own stained glass gallery. If this brings me anywhere near any of you, please do drop me a line would be lovely to visit& meet in person

FYI I'm at

Hope I'm not breaking too many rules

Comrada B said...

I don't imagine anyone is around to read this in a timely way so I can hear the live broadcast ......but every link I go to CMI/ICM, clicking on radio or anything else....and I do have media player, real player and more....nothing seems to work....I will be so grumpy if I cannot listen to it....AYUDAR POR FAVOR!!

Comrada B said...

we have it live now.....fortunately for me, I found a link at Revista that said "IF THIS SEEMS COMPLICATED....." and it walked me through.....will be checking in for those communique's Irl........and thanks so much for the tea party, it was just lovely!

PS I almost cannot believe the schedule they have for the tour...he mentioned they would be taking their time, but I never expected it to be the length that they's wonderful. Ofcourse, I will be looking for more details. As always, from the left...from the heart, thank you Irl!

Listening attentively to the live stream, straining an ear when the wind blows through the mic's and enjoying it all....the only thing better would be live visual broadcast.... VIVA ZAPATISTAS!! VIVA FREEDOM! VIVA JUSTICE! VIVA LIBERTY! VIVA LA INTERNET!



Anonymous said...

Indeed, I too hoped for video. Looks like we'll have to settle for photos.

Wish I could've gone. Damn.

Anonymous said...

Querida Irlandesa,

A tardy thank you for your most lovely tea party. It was wonderful to have a shared space within which to experience and comment upon the gathering in La Garrucha. Thank you for being such a gracious and elegant hostess.

I wanted, too, to comment a bit on Spark's post a few days ago on racism. Spark, I think your thoughts on their face -- that of color demarcations being false since none of us are truly black, white, brown -- is sensible. The problem is that racism is not sensible, but the pretext with which one group keeps another down and, conversly, rises itself up. Slavery and its shadow twin, racism, is a means of maintaining and increasing wealth. I think you are speaking to a wish for the ideal, but unfortunately, the world we inhabit is far from that. Racism is a fact with which a good part of the world struggles daily, and to ignore it's existence is dangerous, especially if one wishes to make changes for the better.

I love, however, your eye toward the best rather than the worst of us.

Anyway, I write while listening to the livestream from La Garrucha. Has anyone heard anything interesting re methods? I came in late.

Abrazos a todos,