Thursday, August 04, 2005

Some housekeeping notes

[please, always, keep scrolling down for the latest EZLN communiques]

Just a note about a few changes I've made here. The first one is obvious - you can now email any of the posts to friends, lovers, enemies, your cat.

The other is less obvious. I've decided to change the settings - as an experiment of sorts - to allow posts from Everyone. Meaning one no longer has to start a blog just to pen a charming, delicious, intriguing comment. So, if you've been hesitant to take the time to set up an account, or you prefer to retain deep cover [and god knows I understand that]...feel free.

The caveat, of course, is that - as I so hope is obvious by now - I will not countenance rudeness, incivility, strident screeches or hostility. My goodness, there are millions of other places that embrace those qualities, so no need to tarry here.

I do not - as I also hope is obvious - have any problem whatsoever with profanity, idle speculation [though, again, no naming of names, please], wisdom, curiosity, silliness, love letters, light verse, recipes, deep thoughts, questions. Ad quite infinitum. So, once again, welcome to my parlour.


Spark said...

Irl, Thankyou once again for this lovely and appealing place - a lyrical and spiritual oasis: for a thirst like mine much needed. May your excellent taste and exquisite discernment spread far and wide.

With love and appreciation
from across the Irish Sea,

Spark said...
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Spark said...

Yes! Cinderella shall go to the ball. With fairydust and, if she can get her bottle to refill, with bubbles, and a flag. And when she has worked out the difference between a mask and a masque.. maybe a masque too! Or maybe she'll just wear a stetson and skirt and ...

Mass Acts of Defiance Regarding Right to Protest

Parliament Square, Westminster, London
Sunday August 7th

Kick Off at 12 Noon

4thelove of That poor poor Brazilian and all the others who have died and continue to in this struggle

Let's Make It A Really Really Good One

Spark said...

Irlandesa so far Spark appears to agree with you roughly 100%. not sure if that is compliment

Especially about flowers and poetic gifts

And TJ thankyou so for the sweet smiley

TripleJ said...

Can't help it Spark, I'm always smiling :^)

aluna1194 said...
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Jacques du Bois said...


I very much appreciate your efforts in the translations, as well as your other entries. It's a great read and I like it because all of the content is something that's hard to find online in general.

Thanks from the US-