Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A new communique, etcetera

I just posted a new, short note from Marcos in the Library.

It's basically directions for getting to this weekend's meeting with social organizations. With just a hint of what he's willing to suffer for vanity. Though, given the heat, I'd really suggest something in a dark-coloured, slimming, linen tunic, say, rather than foundation garments.


TripleJ said...

Not being much "au fait" myself with fashion (I still believe blue and green are perfectly compatble colours) I am curious to know your opinion about "stripes".

Could they make Marcos appear slimmer?

And should they be vertical or horizontal? Or perhaps they should at some scientifically calculated angle?

Then the Selva Lacandona could boast having not only a penguin but a zebra as well :^)

Never mind folks, it is the weekend and I'm just beginning to relax!!!


Comrada B said...

Well TripleJ, I know you weren't asking my oppinion but here goes...Stripe's on the horizontal, yes, if you're audtioning for a part as one of the Oompa Loompa's in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. Vertical if you are trying to appear slim, when not. They say in general, never wear stripe's or too bold of a print when overweight, as it 'draw's the eye's and attention' of those around you.
I laughed hard at the newly added zebra, preferring personally, a reference to a tiger. Lord of the Jungle.
Then a song came to mind...(some of the lyrics) "Most of the time, he's the Lord of the Jungle...everyone grins while he gripe's...usually he's found just lounging around in his stripes...he's a tiger in the rain."
Anyway...If I had the rare opportunity to see (in advance)what that journalist was planning on writing about "an extra few kilos," I would not have, for one second, hestitated reaching forward and pinching what probably would have been a good 3-4 'excessive' inches on that journalists hips and remanding him (to a corner) with my internationally famous silent-but-deadly-laser-beam-look.

Portly is muscular, not fat and certainly not a case of congestive heart failure waiting to happen. So you might save the Sup a tremendous amount of agony, in recomending flattering attire for his next appearance, and whisper that Love handles don't need a girdle...(grinning devilishly)


Comrada B

irlandesa said...

If we have to consider stripes, shudder, then the best by far would be a very long, thin diagonal [preferably a seam rather than a stripe] from chest level to just below hips. Really.

I still think something in black linen gauze would be best. Dark, monochromatic, ideal for any sweltering selva.

And, coupled with a bit of weight loss, we might then be able to add jaguar to the zoological mix.