Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Glove-flinging, tired bling and Single Penguin Seeks Soulmate

[If you’re looking for the EZLN translations, you can now find them in the Library]

Yes, I’m feeling marvelous now that the Parlour is all sorted, so marvelous that I’m almost going to promise to stop whining about recalcitrant technology and too much time spent using said technology.

I did say “almost,” knowing full well how very capricious the deities insist on being.

A rather surprising development late this evening in the Marcos-AMLO match. Notimex is reporting that López Obrador’s spokesperson has said that AMLO and/or PRD persons of whatever nature might indeed be willing to debate Marcos and others. Under certain conditions. This was the last thing I would have expected, which certainly illustrates how poorly trained my little finger is for taking the pulse of Mexican politics.

[Note to self: stop, just stop, reporting on anything having to do with Mexican politics, because all it gets you is the shame of retraction: the lovely ladies and gentlemen of the Frente, who read the Mexican dailies even more compulsively than do I, found a nasty little piece in which Manuel Camacho Solís, who works in AMLO's campaign, breezily dismissed any chance of dialogue between López Obrador and Marcos, since Marcos is working to "polarize" the nation: Here it is, and god, I want to know when I get to be able to rewrite history:

However, it is well trained for other things, including pilfering. I have decided to take freely from the Frente’s site for photos and such. Expect to see them here regularly. And you should have a look at their website, as they also did some recent remodeling. It’s very much easier to use now. Looking much less like a Vegas-style gambling site and more like a place you’d like to spend some time.

A segue presented? Yes, I shall grab it. I’ve been tired to the point of serious irritation for 10 years now with a particular stance – that ironic, Vegas, retro-trash, bling slinging, stripper girlfriend toting, Cristal guzzling persona. Yes, I have no issue with a brief infatuation with that kind of ironic persona when one is, say, 16, but, like so many other flings, after, say, a year, it’s not irony. It’s what you are.

Basta. The ones I’m thinking of are tired of hearing it.

Much more important, this evening... isn't Penguin’s full frontal lovely?


Boli-Nica said...

That is a great Pinguino Picture!!! I am pilfering it myself.

aluna1194 said...
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Comrada B said...

In Marco's book "Our Word Is Our Weapon," I distinctly remember reading that it was a sardine can Durito, knight errant with his trusty Excalibur (which looked suspiciously like a staightened out paper clip)cast off in, on his quest to visit the World. How did I miss the paper boat adventure?!?!?

Comrada B

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