Monday, August 15, 2005

Edwardian, I think, with gothic windows

Change is good, yes?

And change involving moving the furniture and stitching up new curtains is delightful. However, new rooms, a larger space for hiding out or taking naps or any manner of derring do – that would be divine.

Let me welcome you to our Library [and I swear, there shall be a Conservatory, as well]. A new home, a proper place, for the translations. What I shall be doing is posting their arrival, along with a brief summary, here in the Parlour, as always. Along with a link to the Library.

I’ve been moving furniture [translations] all day, and it’s beyond exhausting. Where is the genius who could create some sort of program allowing idiots like me to merely select a text in HTML and delete the bloody thing?

I may, and I’m rather sure I shall, just delete most of the rest of the posts of translations [the ones still standing here in the Parlour] with an explanatory paragraph. Every one of them, however, is now snugly tucked into a bookshelf in our Library.

And, as if that might not be thrilling enough for a Sunday eve, we also now have a Merry Band of persons busily translating reportage and opinion pieces from the Mexican press for our edification. Or at least one, thus far, and the first is already on the sideboard, along with a pot of tea, in, yes, the Library.

Carlos Montemayor himself, the first part of a piece called The Two Campaigns.

As for news from the Mexican southeast and this weekend’s meeting – lots more pictures [and we trust ample warning was given]. I shall try and have a few up for us on the morrow, as well as the summary we await.


miguel said...

I'm sure we (Dad and I) could write such a HTML program
But I'd have to check with him :-)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for all your efforts - I've been an avid reader of your elegant translations for years and really appreciate your new site. In case you haven't seen it, there's a site in NYC,, where the original spanish and your english translations coexist. A space, we hope, for creating collective energy in spite of that awkward silence that sometimes exist between langauages.

thanks and take care