Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A brief recess [wherein I come out to play for a moment]

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Just imagine, being caught in a downpour sans parasol. Yes, a veritable monsoon of words have descended.

In addition to the below-mentioned 18 pages of transcription from last weekend’s meeting in the Mexican Southeast, another 10 also arrived this evening.

So, as I settle my nerves with a bracing tot of Jameson – I’ve always enjoyed laying claim to cultural stereotypes [just my own, of course, which is allowed] – let me offer a few [far fewer than 28 pages worth, I promise] of explication.

I do not know, yet, if we’ll be getting these transcripts from the next 5 meetings [pausing to refresh said tot], or if we’ll be graced with summaries.

I do know, however, that at least one of the reasons for these transcripts has to do with a bit of a contrĂȘtemps over a piece of reportage. The “if you’re with AMLO, you can’t be with the EZLN” or however it went.

It apparently never happened.

La Jornada withdrew it. I withdrew [read: deleted] it. Good camper that I am, I shall not mention who wrote those words. Nor shall I have any words of my own on the subject.

And there is much in the transcript that does speak otherwise. Adding another interesting layer to an already splendidly inlaid work. I have mentioned that I despise labyrinths, but, as I also mentioned, I do adore deduction.

Now, the second set of pages, the 10. These are comprised of 2 letters from Marcos, responding to 2 Letters to the Editor that were written to La Jornada. Today.

The speed of sound, or words, or words at the speed of light [yes, indeed, Coldplay is playing as I write].

So, unless advised otherwise, I shall be translating the Letters first, and then the transcript. Not, I’m afraid, at the speed of light, but as quickly as I can.

And what have I learned today?

Reportage is a dangerous occupation. And, even more importantly, it might be useful if my self-imposed proscription against reading that lunatic forum at El Universal…were to be universal.


Spark said...

Good luck and thanks again for the translations - enjoy the music, the Jamiesons and the labour of love

While we're awaiting for the results here's a brief diversion for you and comrades - blog from righteous film maker dude who was at

The Town Square on Sunday

What U Shoutin About

If you have quick time player you can see there his film "This is What Democracy Looks Like" with footage from Sunday.

Also we need help with Smash EDO so if anyone is in the Brighton area (lucky you) why not go for a spot of camping this weekend !

Comrada B said...

Seem's a conatgious disease lately of the power's everywhere, trying in vain to quell peacefull protest. The 'mainstream media' (sounds like a dirty 2 word's of late) is manipulating what really occur's at these gatherings. If the media does not manipulate, they cover-up. Example: a post election protest here of retiries students, babies and those who care, marched post election results here....6 people were shot, (Derry come's to mind)one woman 6 times. No violence broke out and the only weapons they carried were poster's of sadness at the outcome of said election. Except unlike Derry, the bullets used were rubber pepper variety. Non-lethal weapons have killed a few in the past. Not one paper carried the story. Only Indymedia managed to bring the truth to the light. There are many large protests planned in many major cities here, D.C., L.A., San Fransisco and many places, September 23-26.


Wishing everyone everywhere successful protest against the illegal occupation ....

Comrada B

Anonymous said...
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irlandesa said...
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Anonymous Again said...
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irlandesa said...
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Anonymous Again said...
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Comrada B said...

The case I brought up earlier is a perfect example of the many that want to believe everything they read in the news and some who know the facts, either by being there, having witnessed it or having talked directly with those involved. It was early for me and I was on my way out the door, when I realised i should have posted the link.

I was there and we met with the injured afterward and the meeting evolved from "Look what they did over a #&%@ peaceful protest!" to "When are we planning to protest in from of the police station for their actions?"

The people who came forward injured, were more than what was written about, once indymedia printed it's story. This is a small, but good example (for me)of how ONLY some of what takes place, in a given situation, actually get's covered or quoted correctly.

The local mainstream news refused to mention the incident (nothing new) and many times over I have seen the news, jump to 'unfounded' conclusions.

Example: When my daughter was killed, AP news ( one of many that covered it) had the nerve to publish across the state (possibly nation, but I was too busy grieving to hunt that down) that "Three teens die in a high-speed car crash; drugs AND alchohol mave have been involved."

I was there (#&%@ it) when they drew the blood and they couldn't even find TOBACCO in their bloodstream. A tire blew and the driver over corrected. They never followed up their story, with a correction, even after an investigaion. My daughter was an unfortunate passenger. Later, even the police tried to hide evidence to 'villify' the kid's and what really happened, before an editorial I published to set some facts straight and to thank the community for thier outpouring of support(unfortunately for the Chief of police, the local media caught them witholding witness testimonies.) I was silent with the media till the first year anniversary, which sadly was Mother's Day.

I thankfully, moved from that place as it's corruption was of the lowest form. And no amount of sensationalism in the news could repair her broken body and bring her back. This was an entirely different situation, than a misquote; but then again too many people believe everything they read.

As for the protest and the rather alarming comment that anyone was 'overdoing it a bit'....was to say the least rude. No one there was seeking martyrdom. No one 'chooses' to be shot at during peaceful protest, afterall a peaceful protest is meant to be just that: non-violent avenue for our voice's (has that person read too many Faux news extravaganza's on G-8's?) It was purely a case of excessive force by the police.

My point is not all we get in the news is truth or even accurate (even if the slight, is ever so slight)and in fact as we see from the U.S. nothing but SPIN from mainstream media when it come's to covering the Iraq war and yet another example, what the real number of casualties are (NOT so slight a slight) to the families who have lost children over there.....etc, etc, etc.

Revista Rebeldia was kind enough to email me earlier today, (albiet, in spanish)some of the transcripts. I have never seen EZLN nor Marcos lie...ever! in fact (he) kept his promises through the years and so have EZLN (in everything they do) and he is scathingly honest.... even when other's don't like so much honesty.

Too many times I have seen the media mangle the truth, especially when it comes to "quotes."

Here is the link to the protest:

(as I promised someone VERY nice, earlier that I would, in fact give the link...and a promise IS a promise)

Comrada B

P.S. For future referrence, I am all for publishing ommissions and commissions can be harmful.