Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Seduction, anarchism and speculation

[as always, please just keep scrolling down for the latest EZLN communiques]

Tonight a homage to seduction of the Italian sort, anarchism and spurious speculation.

First, a note to some of our friends:

Comandanta b - I posted Parts 2 and 3 of the 6th Declaration several days ago. Just scroll down, and you shall find them. I think Part 3 is much more relevant for what you are looking for. And, while the Red Alert has not, as yet, been officially called off, the internal consulta is complete, and, as far as I know, things are returning to normal. So, again with the caveat that this is merely my opinion, I would not, myself, hesitate to go there.

Comradewill - Most dear compa, please don't misunderstand me: I would never, ever counsel anyone to throw out their Dylan tapes [mine are resting snugly beside me, right between Manu Chao and Talking Heads, in fact. One of these days I shall sort them, alphabetically perhaps. Or not. And I'm afraid I didn't understand your reference to the "4th Decoration." If you would explain, I would be more than happy to...speculate.

Now, given that it's the beginning of summer, at least in most northern places, and given my penchant for divine words, the sublimely erotic and the dreaming up of worlds, it might be a suitable time to revisit Boccaccio. Decameron Web, indeed...I promise you will be seduced.

And, given the rash of uncivil words of late, a nod to another master of love, albeit of the romantic, generally unconsummated sort, Petrarch.

If, however, you're not in the mood for love, of any sort, but still wish to be seduced, there is always Umberto Eco.

Now, I had planned a marvelous segue to tonight's next topic - a delightful article on pie throwing, female anarchists with wit and Tute Bianche, the White Monkeys. However, and it should always be expected with anarchist sites, the ones I had in mind are down.

A fair enough segue, I suppose, to the Worker's Solidary Movement in Ireland. They are up, but the Irish Mexico Group, which shares the site, is struggling. They will understand why I grin. Regardless, the WSM is wide-ranging, deep and very smart.

If you're in the mood for something different, enagaging and always titillating, do stop in at Not Bored.

And, speaking of not-your-father's-anarchist-site, RTS - Reclaim the Streets - is, as you should expect, smart, hot and fine. You will be moved. Trust me.

As for the site that both you and your father might enjoy, Tao, the mother of us all [yes, I know]...it is huge, all embracing and always up. I can hardly believe I just wrote those words.

One last thought about how to while away your computer time. The Guardian is running one of their excellent weblogs from the G8. Real-time, excellent writers and much better coverage than you'll get from any US papers, god knows.

Now...speculation. Everyone keeps asking about a new Zapatour. Read Part 3 of the 6th. As for arms - the taking up and laying down of - read Part 3 of the 6th. As for voice, infighting and such, read Parts 1 and 3 and then Part 2. As for less serious dish...I'll slip it in where I can. Deeply camouflaged.


TripleJ said...

I did like the RTS movement. Just so long as they don't extend it to the sea lanes :^)

Limelight displaces 4 tons and doesn't have brakes!

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