Saturday, July 16, 2005


I'm not entirely sure I'm in the mood for typing this's Friday, it's balmy and someone, somewhere close by, is once again burning their olive oil. Just a note - if it's smoking, it's too damn hot, and the acrid smell will drift through untold alleys and cling to everything in its path.

That should make it abundantly clear that I'm not, right now, where I wish to be.

But I thought I really should make the odd comment abut yesterday's communiques. Since I - as well as the author, apparently - am aware that everyone does not always find the time to read each and every word...

The schedule has now been set for domestic gatherings with those who wish to - join in with, ally themselves with, express their adherence to, plight their troth with [the joys of having a chance to use all those words and phrases that murmur to me whilst translating and have to be given shrift] - the Sixth Declaration.

The international or "Intergalactic" phase shall be addressed in a subsequent communique.

And, of good importance, they have accepted the kind offer of the lovely compas at Revista Rebeldía [yes! and you've already had a heads-up, no?!] who will be providing a venue for your - yes, YOUR - expressions of support and/or critique. All it takes is an email, and there are 2 addresses. One for yea, one for nay. Say as much or as little as you wish, but be sure to provide your own email address, so we are told, though I assume the Master or Mistress of the Lists-to-Be could just...never mind. Do put your email address in the body of your message as well.

This is important, as, once you've registered yourself, you will receive all the information, and there's bound to be a bundle, of upcoming events, meetings, schedules, parties and so forth.

Now, the Frente is concerned that some might be a tad careless with the addresses, and they are urging us to be meticulous with each and every letter. I have much greater faith in my readers, of course, given that they are already demonstrating such heart in plowing through my posts [except, perhaps comradewill and similar compas who are encouraged to register their feelings PRIOR to indulging in their indulgence of choice; then, needless to say, please, do indulge]. So, here they are:

Those who wish to register their approval, write to:

Those who wish to say nay, write to:

Easypeasy. Just click and express yourself - you won't even have to worry about whether it's org or net or com. And the comandancia says that they will indeed read your words, even those which are critical.

So do, please, take the time. To express yourself, directly, to have your own voice heard. That is, in fact, the point of all of this. Write in English or Spanish, French or Italian, Catalan or Farsi. But write.

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