Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Red Alert lifted

I just received a communique, which I'll be translating and posting shortly, announcing the lifting of the Red Alert. Civil Society is being encouraged to renew all their activities and visits as of July 15. Cheers.


TripleJ said...

It's good to see that red alert lifted, but I have to admit that I fail to understand the dire warnings issued with the original red alert. Why all the "we advise foreign observers to leave" and "mandatory for minors to leave " notices?

Call me "puzzled" :^)

miguel said...

From my understanding, previous massings of troops, despite not being violent, caused the Mexican government to launch some sort of offensive and hence threatened the safety of 'foreign observers' etc..
My impression is that this time, the zaps wanted to call the Red Alert in advance and get these people out JUST IN CASE the government decided to do something stupid? Hence the warnings, and hence people now wondering what the fuss was all about.
I'm confused too and probably wrong but that's my 2 cents