Monday, July 18, 2005

Fun in the dark

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Just one or two suggestions this evening, and these are for those moments when one is - or at least I am - feeling...somewhat offline. More than a few football fields past, say, the

There is, for example, a fine little treatise on the role of H P Lovecraft films, past, present and future, at The Modern Word, which is itself a fine and lovely place. The kind you might wish to visit almost anytime, regardless of mood, moon or current events.

But one of the more deeply satisfying alternatives to tossing crockery is the Charles Bukowski Memorial Center for Classical Latin Studies. Precisely. Charles Bukowski and classic Latin literature, you gasp?! Yes, indeed. Divine for those who always wished their Catullus unexpurgated or for jaded, writerly rakes who require new challenges.

There are other places I could go with this, but I shall not.

Instead I shall, most likely, pay a visit to Greaves and Thomas and take heart.

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