Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fun and games...

Just as I had been debating...opening a bit of a debate... nay, discussion, and a serious [and civilized] one at that - aluna1194 posts an exceptionally intriguing comment [see below, re: "Dissonance"].

Some of the same has been starting to appear on the Frente pages, for those of you who read Spanish. Check the comments on Part 3 of the Sixth Declaration [Spanish version]. If I can find the time, I may translate some of them - they are too good for synopsis. One of the many consequences of the EZLN's new direction is that they will once again be opening themselves up - as they state - to listening. And there are a multiplicity of voices that have not yet been heard. It shall be fascinating to watch, and to engage in, this process. Sans script.

One might consider what a social, "nonelectoral" organization might, in fact, look like.. Or the historical-cultural implications of firmly positioning said organization as "leftist" [a descriptor I have always assumed for myself, but which has particular context in Mexico], especially in the international arena. The translations, for example, have found their way to a variety of sites, including anarchist, libertarian [honest], indigenous and quite a few that would be hard pressed to locate themselves on any traditional, linear perspective.

There. Let's have some fun.

Speaking of which, and this is most especially for a dear compa Down Under, I promise to try never again to be as convoluted, esoteric and silly as I was the other night [with the "mastheads and bylines"]...but, then again, I do love a bit of intrigue. Now and again.

Which must mean, for this odd evening, tucking in with something in the way of Mysteries. For the music, when words are never enough.


TripleJ said...

>>I promise to try never again to be as convoluted, esoteric and silly as I was the other night [with the "mastheads and bylines"]..<<

No, no, please continue doing it. We all need a bit of enticing mystery every now and then, even when we are not always smart enough to work it out.


fauxtapatio said...

a. what might it look like. ACORN comes to mind, except that they are firmly in the electoral camp, and subsumed by both their own bureaucracy and reliance on overworked, quick-to-burn-out paid organizers. it's hard not to think of spain, but equally difficult to deny the resultant contradictions. there may not be an accurate precedent documented in english or spanish.
b. i think the historic context is easiest to place in mexico, more or less identifying with anything non-PRI until the late 1980s (with the partial exception of l. cardenas?). internationally, the sexta names venezuela and cuba, so roger noriega and his colleagues should have pretty strong opinions about the explicitly non-electoral (read: communist/terrorist) character.

as to the frente comentarios: agreed. one of the most telling -
No se puede adelantar lo de la nueva constitución antes de preguntar. porfque el pueblo debe intyernalizar esa demanda en la dimensión de su lucha material y etcs. Ya se vislumbra las formas de inducción. Se dice no al vanguardismo , pero se renuevan formas nuevas de él escondidas en hologramas de democracia. la democracia del pueblo es la que de él surja, la que se forja en su lucha, desde su potencia, desde su realidad concreta. ¿Cómo previamente definir el modo de que se construya el programa de lucha si sus puntos ya están marcados, al menos en un caso, en lo de una nueva constituyente? -
?que piensan ustedes?

and i echo john's comments re: intrigue. surely someone who devotes so much life to making the esoteric accessible enjoys leaving colloquialisms behind now and then. te lo agredecimos, by the way. very much.

********* said...


It would be greatly appreciated if you could find the time/energy to post some of the frente comments for supporters including myself who cannot yet read spanish.