Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sources and the fire this time

A quick note on the translations, news sources, vacation plans and such.

If you missed it below, the CCRI-CG of the EZLN will be issuing a Sixth Declaration of the Selva Lacandona - in several parts - over the next few days. I will do the translating, as I do, as quickly as I can and post them here immediately. For those of you who have been with us for a while, you understand the import. For those who are newly engaged...trust me. And, if you have any questions...ask.

You also may wish to scroll down to my first longish post for sites of interest. CIZ is now back up, though they are referring to the Frente for EZLN communiques. As for newspapers and agencies, there isn't too much good out there in English. El Universal, a Mexican daily, has an English version, but also a very unsavory bias. The advantage is that they keep up with breaking news, and the sources are often wire services.

Much better, and a must read, is the Guardian. They have been covering events the last week, and I should imagine they'll continue to do so.

There are excellent papers in Spain, Italy, France and Mexico, of course, that will be doing a damn fine job.

In Mexico, it's La Jornada, always.

In Italy we have La Repubblica and Il Manifesto.

In Spain, Rebelion is a marvelous source for news, opinion and articles from everywhere.

And tomorrow, time permitting, I'll try to post a few options for revolutionary tourism [and to think they tried to use that as an aspersion]. Just in case you don't have your summer plans quite firmed up yet.

There. And now we can do our needlework, carouse, read Ovid, work, tend our gardens, download Coldplay, pull out our crucibles and prepare for the alchemy to come.


Evkha said...

Hey Irlandesa,

Following your translations, comments and recommendations for world press perspectives is indeed helpful. Personally, I express my appreciation for your work. Also, lest we forget, working along the side of justice is its own reward.

I can only admire all that you have done to bring the good work of the Zapatistas into other languages, not to mention what has been accomplished to bring to light what forces are at work that villify the Zapatista movement, yet continue to oppress the indigenous peoples of the caracoles in Chiapas, destroy the environment, and continue to spread gmo contamination, and impoverishment for traditional farmers worldwide.

I was pre-enrolled for Caravan 44 to learn what I could for protecting mother seeds from gmo contamination. I was looking forward to having a rewarding summer doing this, and bringing back what I learned to help abate gmo contamination in the States.

Now, in spite of the Red Alert, I still intend to go, although I understand that the focus will be different under the current circumstances.

Especially, in the case of what has been learned about protecting indigenous plantlife from gmo contamination, I can only imagine that protecting this knowledge from the unscrupulous practices of bio-tech corporations is itself something that must be kept from the bio-tech think tanks. They will just come up with more insidious ways of forcing their take-over and ownership of all life on the planet, if something major does not change soon.

In spite of whatever measures are taken, whether it is organizing for a demonstration against the WTO, or trying to teach true environmentalists better ways to defend against gmo's, there is always the reality that corporate, and/or paramilitary spies will infiltrate any organizing done by truly revolutionary and diversity loving individuals.

It seems a natural and logical consequence that the indigenous protectors of natural life, in this case the Zapatistas and the Indigenous Mayan Agriculturalists and Botanists would need to retreat into la selva to establish a better boundary against the invasive and imperialistic forces of bio-tech, the unscrupulous multi-national corporations, oppression of indigenous peoples, and economic imperialism in general.

It may be that the Red Alert may only help buy some time. It would seem that something greater must come along to put the onus of genetic contamination back upon it's manufacturer's rather than upon the life forms they contaminate and spread as a disease with no large scale scientific efforts being made to curb it.

What would seem to be needed is that an international legal body be formed to counter the WTO, FTAA, CAFTA, and other such "super-legal" bodies that serve the profiteers of environmental contaminators, rather than hold them accountable for the damage they have caused. Common sense would demand and impose economic sanctions against them to fund environmental efforts attempting to clean-up the horrific mess they have made of our planet.

If they can not be forced, then perhaps they can be shamed into paying for, and bringing some hope that knowledge, science, and some understanding may yet turn the tide of what the indigenous peoples of Chiapas and elsewhere on the planet may do to protect the plantlife that millions of years of natural selection and perhaps a hundred thousand years of co-evolution with tribal peoples has yielded.

Anyway, are there any folks out there from No. Calif. who would like to travel together for the August 7th - 11th Caravan. I do not know. Maybe even the dates of the programs will change if so indicated. For sure, we will not be doing what we thought. And, as Sub Comandante Marcos has said, it will not be for everyone.

Irlandesa, do you have anything to say about the levels of risk involved in the Caravan's this Summer?



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