Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A quiet evening in

Never fear, I will continue doing, and posting, the translations - but back to the original intent of this place.

A world - or a parlour - where civility can coexist with rebellion, poetry with subversion. And yes, seduction with revolt...

I would first suggest a visit to Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails. Just to get things off to the proper start.

Then, if it's poetry we're after, and god knows I am tonight, Ovid would be a delight. No one has ever mastered and murmured the arts and strategems of love - in all its guises - quite so well. And it's a fairly easy transition from the rumblings of the last few days to Ovid's lines. But there is a genius of difference between Sun Tsu and the Art of Love...

Apollinaire would be welcome for those who may be fancied difficult but who are, in fact, the soul of simplicity.

Pedro Salinas for when the dark falls and love is both there and here.

And Rimbaud, most certainly, for drunken boats and broken promises.

Ruben Dario for any princesas feeling a tad triste.

Time, perhaps, for those still standing, for a visit to the Boston Anarchist Drinking Brigade. Fine, fine fellows they are.

There is so very much more.

Tomorrow a bit of needlework and codebreaking with Wilkie Collins and Vázquez Montalbán.


Rover_Scout said...

"Women, otherwise worthy of my kindness, who may be associated with disreputable connections, are the very women, if I know anything of my quick sympathies, whom I would be most anxious to help, and who might nevertheless be a source of constant trouble and anxiety, under pernicious influences at home."

That sounds just about right..., but Friday's night is fast approaching, nothing that a red wine and a scrumptious fondue can't heal. Now, if you add some multicolored candle, slowly dripping on a consumed bottle still humming with memories, some burning sage and a captivating white Witch...

Ouch, sometimes it hurts, just plain hurts.

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