Saturday, June 25, 2005

The joy of gossip & the fear of labyrinths

We are being urged to avoid "idle speculation" concerning the latest communiques and simply await the words to come.

"Esperar", as someone who has reason to be breathless just noted breathlessly in La Jornada.

But I have seen no prohibitions against gossip, idle or otherwise. Thus the reference in the above line. There are just a handful of persons in this universe who would understand this tidbit, and I'm quite certain they won't be reading me...thus I assume I can get away with it.

And a bit more, perhaps, but first I'll divert with some very idle chatter about labyrinths.

We are supposed to love labyrinths, I know. They are thought to be evocative, intellectually nuanced, challenging, fraught with Deeper Meaning. And I do love Borges of course. In fact, I love him so much that I even once managed to take sherry with him.

But beyond Borges there's little good to be found. Ariadne, of course, ended up with that swine Theseus after she helped him find his way out of one. Now, granted, she ended up with Dionysos - the most fanciable male creature ever created - but, nonetheless, minotaurs, thankless heroes and abandonment do not sound like fun.

Then there is the "Maze." My compatriots will know of it and will know how "well" it served its horrid purpose.

Beyond that, what? Parlour games, of the laddish sort. Paint-by-numbers paradigms for giddy graduate students struggling with their thesis.

But much more to the point is that they make no sense whatsoever in a garden. And gardens are meant to be beautiful and to be cultivated seriously and endlessly and passionately. They look strange and threatening from level ground. Dark, high, sternly sculpted yews, casting nothing but shadow.

Shadow and fear. That must be it. The possibility that really is what it is. The nightmare of there being no way out, not a riddle to be solved but an endless, pointless maze of undergrowth or neatly shorn hedge, passeig that circle back into each other. No way out, no reason to be there.

Therefore, on to something that is quite the opposite. Deeply human, actually resonant, thoroughly un-intellectual and very much fun. Yes, gossip.

The A List is not only superb and huge, it's alphabetized for god's sake. Thus, if you're craving something unsavory, or interesting, about someone in particular, it couldn't be easier. And, on the off-chance that you're male, or from the Western hemisphere, or feeling guilty for whatever reason, this lovely academic site, Mobile Gossip, will lend you the courage you need to soldier on.

As for real-time dish of the sort I mentioned far above...

Tomorrow, whenever it comes, perhaps we can discuss board games, chocolate and tedious caricature.


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