Sunday, June 19, 2005

Hacks, whores and the deeply personal

A new communique arrived early this afternoon. I don't think I'll have time to translate it, but I can certainly give you the Cliffs notes.

It's an exegesis on the current political landscape in Mexico, most especially in the run-up to next year's federal elections. [On a deeply personal and self-serving level, I do not much enjoy Mexican national elections. I was living in Dublin during the last one, sharing the same county as that expatriated swine Carlos Salinas. I came to assume that his goons are given carte blanche there. Not a surprise, of course, but also not pleasant at all.]

But back to The (Impossible) Geometry (?) of Power in Mexico by Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.

The PAN sucks. The PRI sucks even more. The PRD sucks beyond all measure. But Andrés Manuel López Obrador is the devil's own spawn. And, as for our PS, the Good Government Juntas are no longer having any truck whatsoever with the state government. For a number of reasons, but the one that leaps off the page is that said state government employees are squandering the state budget on ladies of the night. My goodness. How much can the courtesans possibly be charging? Ah well, enough, apparently, to no longer be considered los de abajo. But reassuring, somehow, to learn that there is no glass ceiling for whoring in Chiapas.

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