Monday, June 27, 2005

Cluedo and bittersweet

I've been meaning to make a comment about the comments. I find it incredibly cheering to see such an abundance of good and engaging words. And I'm especially appreciative since one apparently has to start one's own blog in order to post a comment. Muchísimas, compas, como siempre.

Now to chocolate. I would never dream of wasting anyone's time by waxing poetic about the stuff itself. My only issue of concern has always been where to get it. It's quite simple if one is fortunate enough to reside in France or Spain - you can just pop around the corner to your local bakery or patissiere. But in Ireland and the States, it's much more problematic. So, as a gesture of goodwill, I'm providing two purveyors. In Europe - and they are also shipping to the States now - we have the most holy of holies, Debauve & Gallais. 72/85 and even, shudder, 99% cacao. Obscenely expensive, of course, but one can always lust.

Also, in the States, is Guittard. Not great, only slightly better than Ghirardelli, but there it is.

Now, snuggling in here, ...board games. Nothing, in my lifetime, has ever come close to rivaling ouija boards and Cluedo, or Clue as they call it in the States.

Except Diplomacy, which is apparently still being produced, but that's much more than a game. I would recommend it most highly to anyone with a desire to effective and/or victorious in almost any arena. I can think of a handful of boys, in particular, who would do well to play. After all, not everything can be learned from DOA manuals or one's homies.

Then again, I like to win.

But back to bittersweet and Cluedo. Miss Scarlet may be a transparent tart, Professor Plum a pompous ass...but all the more satisfying, then, to find them out. There are nights - and not a few - that can be borne just by remembering that Conservatories and Libraries do, in fact, exist...

As for ouija boards, I think they serve to remind us of our innocence.


TripleJ said...

Lindt in Australia produces a nice dark chocolate (in fact 2 grades, a 75% and an 85% cocoa concentrate) not quite 99% but not bad for Australia.

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